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Kart: 351 / records broken
Reportagem: KartCom Selection

With 351 drivers in four categories on track in Lonato during the second round of the WSK Super Master Series 2022, WSK Promotion broke several records. Not only was it the largest field since its creation in 2007, but also the highest number of participants in an international race with four categories. The ever popular Mini category attracted 108 competitors, while the KZ2 category had 93 drivers, the highest number ever. 55 nations and five continents were represented, numbers out of the ordinary.

Although the beginning of the season had been marked by a desire not to increase the number of events in their programme by several factory teams, followed by other important teams, the demand is there from the drivers. This second meeting of the WSK Super Master Series gathered 86 participants more than the opening race held on the same circuit of South Garda Karting in Lonato. The stakes were no higher, the main interest of this event being to drive as much as possible at the beginning of the season to sharpen the drivers and the machines.

In any case, congratulations to the WSK Promotion for organising attractive and quality events meeting the aspirations of so many competitors. Its merit is all the greater since it had to react to the sudden closure of the Adria circuit in January without delay.

An analysis of the forces at work confirms the position of Parolin Racing Kart in Mini and Birel ART in KZ2 alongside Sodi. KR has regained the lead this time in KZ2 as well as in OK-Junior. The Tony Kart Racing Team once again won in OK, with the presence of the OTK Kart Group chassis at the forefront in this category as well as in OK-Junior. It is always enlightening to compare the results of two very similar events (competitors, circuit, dates and conditions) before drawing definitive conclusions regarding the performances of each one, especially as the temperatures are very cool for the moment. Although the main trends have been confirmed, many individual differences can be noted. The uncertainty of racing and the human factor can never be forgotten.


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