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Kart: winter is going
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The new RGMMC Winter Series, which will take place next weekend in Franciacorta (Italy), marks the end of the winter events in Europe, even though the Winter Cup in Lonato has not taken place this year. After the IAME Winter Cup in Valencia (Spain), the Rotax Winter Cup has just taken place in Campillos (Spain) with 156 drivers in five categories. The attendance of this event is in the usual range with British domination continuing year after year among the top Seniors. The FIA Karting World Champion - OK in 2020 in the rain of Portimao, Callum Bradshaw won the Rotax Winter Cup this year, but struggles to find a regular drive in OK. This confirms the difficulty of moving from a branded cup to FIA Karting competition despite the undoubted talent of the best IAME and Rotax specialists. The professionalism of the top teams is not in question in the single-make categories. Although the budgets are much higher in the FIA Karting categories, this is mainly due to a much fuller calendar. With 15 events divided between WSK Promotion and Champions of the Future, plus the five FIA Karting events, the financial means necessary for a complete season are much more significant than for the five or six annual meetings of the IAME Euro Series or the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy.

Should we see segregation by budget in this distribution? In a way it is unavoidable, and the top level has its particular and essential requirements. The problem is rather the absence of international categories in the national championships. Except in Germany in the DKM, it is not possible to race in OK and OK-Junior at a national level. This is a major restriction to the functioning of the karting pyramid. With rare exceptions, such as 2017 OK World Champion, X30 driver Danny Keirle, drivers compete primarily in their respective categories. The stranglehold of branded cups on national competitions effectively limits the emergence of top talent on the international stage.

That's the way life goes and kart racing is doing quite well in spite of everything at the end of winter 2022. In a month, spring will be here, a season more favourable to a discipline that only moderately appreciates low temperatures.


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