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Kart: a long-term passion
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It is possible to marvel at the lightning progression of the younger and younger drivers in OK-Junior and OK who then move on to single-seaters as soon as possible. The trend has increased since the age needed for a driving licence is no longer required to get behind the wheel of an F4. This regulatory choice dictated by marketing could be discussed for its unfortunate consequences for karting as well as for the evolution it has induced in cars, but that's another subject.

Today's spotlight is on drivers who continue to have a long career in karting. It's not always because they can't find a drive in a car that many competitors stay in karting. The pleasure of driving a kart is linked to the incredible liveliness of these small machines, the intensity of the races and the ratio between the time spent on the track and the budget required. The number of races and the atmosphere in the paddocks are also positive points for karting.

Davide Fore' is the longest-serving driver in the world, and at the age of 47 he is entering his 37th season of competition. A four-time World Champion and World Cup winner, the Italian is a true professional who continues to race at the highest level in the KZ category. His last world title was in 2006 with the Tony Kart Racing Team, but he has managed to continue as a factory driver until 2018, with Birel ART. Although he has since moved on to coaching young drivers with his 'Davide FORE' Coach Driver' structure, he has not hung up his helmet. He is still able to find teams to put their trust in him in international competition. For example, he will be at the start of the FIA Karting European Championship - KZ this weekend in Genk at the wheel of a Birel ART / TM with the Renda Motorsport team. Davide gave up trying to win another title a long time ago, but he is not ready to give up the adrenaline of kart racing. Let's pay tribute to his determination in maintaining an optimal physical condition at the cost of constant training.

Andrea Dalè, also Italian, is at 34 the perfect example of the gentleman driver who has been competing for almost 25 years. Crowned European KZ2 Champion in 2014, he regularly competes in Italy and internationally in the major KZ and KZ2 championships. It is indeed the passion for karting that drives him, even when he is not fighting for victory.

A little younger at 28, the Dutchman Jorrit Pex is approaching his 20th anniversary in karting. World Champion and double European Champion, he is always aiming for victory or good results like his 3rd place in the KZ World Championship last year. Passion is once again at work.

Many other cases of long careers exist throughout the world with former champions who persist in karting beyond their youthful exploits, or pure amateurs who experience their passion for speed over the long term. The growth of the Masters categories everywhere proves that karting is a formidable discipline that remains attractive in itself well beyond the age of 30. This is worth remembering.

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