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Kart: ultimate driversí guide to Wackersdorf by LeCont
Reportagem: LeCont Srl

The Italian manufacturer LeCont, official FIA Karting tyre supplier for the KZ & KZ2 categories this year, is providing competitors and enthusiasts with a complete guide to the FIA Karting World Championship - KZ, World Cup FIA Karting - KZ2 and the FIA Karting International Super Cup - KZ2 Masters, in Wackersdorf, Germany from 7th to 10th September.

There is nothing like having the most accurate data to understand and appreciate the 2023 Wackersdorf competition. The wide range of information collected by LeCont is aimed at drivers and technicians, as well as supporters and spectators.

On and off the track, LeCont goes further than just supplying tyres, however good they may be, thanks to a broader vision of service.

With LeCont, racing is more beautiful.


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