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Kart: details of the digital licence and industry news
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Further to the content of last week's Kartcom Selection #73, here is some additional information about the points-based digital licence.

Launched at the beginning of 2023 by the FIA Karting, the digital points licence is completing its first year. It enables the stewards of an FIA Karting event to award penalty points to any driver who breaches the Sporting Code or Article 2.24 of the CIK-FIA General Prescriptions. After 12 penalty points have been awarded, the driver is suspended for one event. Penalties are automatically erased 12 months after their application.

In practice, incident reports show that one or two points can be deducted in addition to a penalty (ranging from 5" to disqualification) in the event of a collision or a poor manoeuvre. Recently, the FIA Karting published a list of drivers penalised in this way, along with their scores, on its website following the Franciacorta World Championship.

Out of a total of 619 drivers taking part in FIA Karting events in 2023, 354 received no numerical penalty. 138 drivers lost 1 point on their numerical licence, 58 lost 2 points, 33: 3 points, 17: 4 points, 13: 5 points, 5: 6 points and 1 went up to 7 points.

The system is now well established, and the publication of digital penalties means that everyone can see where they stand, while at the same time giving the whole community an overview of their scores.

Investors are gradually entering the karting industry

The Sodikart group, world leader in the manufacture of karts (leisure and competition), was a pioneer in 2008 with the support of Evolem. In May 2023, Siparex ETI, accompanied by the Transatlantique fund and Unexo, took over in a majority transaction alongside the management and founder.

Founded in Nantes in 1981 by Gildas Mérian, the Sodikart Group is the world leader in the design and manufacture of karts for leisure use or competition, and related activities such as the sale of accessories and spare parts, leisure centre management and timekeeping solutions, track design and event organisation. It now has a portfolio of 11 brands, making it the benchmark player in the global karting market. Sodikart now has a turnover of almost €80 million, 70% of which comes from exports, and is growing at a solid rate.

In Italy, OTK Kart Group, leader in the production of competition karts, opened up 70% of its capital in 2022 to a group of investors, QCapital and BIC, with the Robazzi family continuing to play a strategic role within the group with the remaining 30%. In October 2023, OTK Kart Group will merge with Vega, leader in the production of karting competition tyres, to create a global giant in the karting competition industry.

See Kartcom's detailed article on this merger by following this link.

Gradually evolving from the craft of its origins to a competitive industrial model of interest to investors, karting is enjoying strong growth throughout the world. The number of competitions and leisure tracks is set to increase further in the coming years to meet strong demand and the aspirations of investors. As long as the passion for the sport remains strong, there should be something in it for everyone.

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