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Kart: National competitions in Europe / trends vary from country to country
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Several European federations have just published their national championship programmes for 2024. This is an opportunity to highlight the similarities and differences in national karting across Europe.

The KZ2 category is the only successful FIA karting category across Europe. The OK category has disappeared from the landscape of national championships, with OK-Junior surviving in Germany and particularly in France. The Italian and French federations sought to regain control of the branded cups that had infiltrated federal competitions following the fiasco of the international KF categories in the national championships. Italy opted to go all out for OK-N and OK-N Junior, an option that was not taken up in France for a number of economic reasons. Germany is undergoing a rapid and not very encouraging evolution, which has prompted it to refocus on national competition. As the range of international races has expanded, the factories and major teams are now concentrating on the WSK Promotion and Champions of the Future by RGMMC events in preparation for the FIA Karting competitions, which are very popular. This is currently the only way to compete in OK and OK-Junior. Mini Gr.3 is mainly available in Italy, but each country offers its own formula for drivers aged eight and over.

Germany DKM

The last major national championship with an international orientation, the German DKM Championship has revised its format for 2024. The ADAC has taken over the reins following the disappearance of the OK category in 2023 due to a lack of competitors and the weakness of the OK-Junior field. Apparently, the 2024 calendar will concentrate on German territory for its six events. The venue for the first event has yet to be confirmed, but trips to Belgium, Genk, or Italy, Lonato or Franciacorta, no longer seem to be topical. Only two categories will retain their international status, the DSKM KZ2 and the DSKM OK-Junior. After a conclusive trial in 2023, the Mini category will have a German Championship with the DMKM, while the KZ2 DMSB Schalt Kart Cup or DSKC continues its objective as a second division national competition. The field will be strengthened by the simultaneous participation of the IAME Series Germany X30 Senior and X30 Junior.

Italy ACI Karting

The Italian Karting Championship continues to follow the pattern that has been successful in recent years, with five events spread across the country. The classic continental circuits have been grouped together, while the number of categories has been tightened around the Mini and Mini Under-10s as well as KZ2. Pioneering the new CIK OK-N and OK-N Junior categories in 2023, ACI Sport is delighted to no longer have to rely on branded cups to fuel its national championship. Past attempts to broaden the entry categories have been abandoned, and KZN will be limited to a specific event. The historic 100 and 125 Legend karts made their debut on the final date of the championship. Italian federal karting also includes the ACI Karting National Trophy, the ACI Karting Area Cup and the Italian Zone Cup.

France FFSA Karting

In 2024, FFSA Karting is following the pattern established since the end of the pandemic in 2022 with a grouping over three events and championships organised over a single event for the Mini 60, Nationale (Rotax Junior), Senior, Master and Gentleman (IAME X30 and Rotax Max) categories, and KZ2 with its KZ2 Master (30 years and over) and KZ2 Gentleman (45 years and over) sub-categories. Operated by the FFSA Academy, the French Junior Championship takes place over five events with OK-Junior one-make equipment supplied and maintained by the FFSA Academy, with the aim of detecting and training the 25 youngsters selected each year. The season also includes two special events: the French Long Circuit Championship (two events) for KZ2 and the French Superkart Championship (four events).

France also relies on its Regional Championships, organised in more than 15 Karting Leagues and qualifiers for the French Sprint Championships. The Ecoles Françaises de Karting concept, which is strongly supported by the Federation, is more relevant than ever, as a way of bringing very young people into competition. The Anthoine Hubert Trophy will be launched in 2024 in the spirit of the great classics of old. "Racing for Anthoine" is an ambitious project designed to promote the fundamental values of the sport through an annual karting competition.

To date, the 2024 British and Spanish calendars are not available. In the UK, the competition is divided into different distinct championships with Rotax Max engines and along with TKM and IAME X30 for Seniors and Juniors, plus KZ2. The youngest can race from the age of six in Bambino Comer, then in Honda Cadet (4-stroke) and IAME 60 Water Swift. A variety of events take place almost every weekend from January to December.

The Spanish Karting Championship is based around the KZ2, Senior and Junior categories with IAME X30 engines, IAME 60 Water Swift for Mini and Mini Rookie as well as the CEK Academy.

The 2024 calendars are easy to consult on Kartcom thanks to the search filters by country, type of competition, category or organiser.

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